Hi!  I’m Lynn!

I am passionate about helping women be vibrant and engaged in life regardless of their age.  I am in my mid 60’s and have bounced back after the loss of both my parents and my younger brother in the past 15 years.

I have had the experience of being a part-time single parent.  I’ve been through years of online dating.  I have been single for most of my adult life because I haven’t been willing to settle.

I’ve been a sole proprietor for 35 years of a very successful healthcare business.  Ten years ago, I started my training as a coach because after 25 years of being a massage therapist, instead of putting people to sleep, I wanted to help them wake up!

At this stage of life, I feel like I still have a lot to offer.  A friend recently commented, “You’re an elder” and initially I thought, “No!  I’m not old enough!” but it’s true.  Women of midlife and beyond have a lot to share with the world and with each other.

I offer a unique blend of wisdom, experience, many books I’ve read, courses and training I’ve attended in addition to my formal training as a coach.  I hope to inspire others to have a rich, engaging and “succulent” life.  I have created this for myself and I want it for you, too!



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